Our Menu comprise of a rundown of Food and Beverage things that we offer typically yet it never closes there. We are glad to cook for you according to your necessities, taste and spending plan.

Vegetarian Dishes
Vegetarian dishes

We have parcel of vegetarin dishes which taste delightful as well as looks brilliant. An assortment of Indian and chinese veg starters and principle menu. TO look at our veg menu!!!! READ MORE

Non Vegetarian
non vegetarian dishes

We have an assortment of non-veggie lover dished withlip-smacking flavors. We have special arrangements utilizing neighborhood locale procedures to International cooking styles. READ MORE

Sweet dishes

We have treats for any event. India is acclaimed for celebrations and every celebration have particular sweets. Aside from our general sweet dishes,we serve desserts according to the occassions. READ MORE

juices and hot drinks

All states of India has its own local drinks and beverage which are not only tasty but also healthy.It is a mainstream part of the Indian cuisine and has an array of drinks that are both unique,refreshing and reviving... READ MORE